Fort Vancouver Antique

Equipment Association

Clark County Fair, Washington State

​August 3-12


To restore, preserve, and display gas and oil engines,  and power driven historical farm machinery.


The Webguy really likes these post drills.  Maybe I was a machinist in another life, (probably not) but I have a real interest in them. There were over 50 manufacturers of these machines, and prices for a complete one today range from $30 to over hundreds of dollars, (that is you really want to go on an auction site to find one that bad) The most common names are The Champion Blower & Forge Co, and The Buffalo Forge Co. These are the models I have, A Champion No. 101, sent to John Zidell and a Buffalo No. 155. If you love old cast iron like I do, then you should not pass one up if you get the chance. Screw it to a post or wall, and use it from time to time to drill out metal or wood. It's fun and somehow therapeutic. The 1/2" shank twist drills that fit these drills are more difficult to find, however. I bought a set of new ones, although from China, (I know what you're thinking, from Magnum P.I.) but I do have an incomplete set of original twist drills as well. Be careful when examining a potential purchase, however. Most all larger drills have a feed arm that's most likely broken off. A shaft extending from the middle of the drill will tip you off. The arm attaching the table might be cracked, or braised back on. Flywheels were removed and replaced with V-belt pulleys. For an extensive look at these and other tools, visit Vintage

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Clark County Fair

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We also participate in many events in Washington State such as The Old Apple Tree Festival, and parades in Ridgefield, Hazel Dell, Hockinson, and the Veterans Day Parade in Vancouver, USA. 

Our club also runs and maintains the Clark County Washington State Antique  Agricultural Museum at the Clark County Event Center where we display tractors, farm equipment, antique tool use, and blacksmith techniques.  FVAEA started in 1984 with 12 members. We currently have 20 + members.
Annual single membership is $30.00​