This was my grandparents on their farm in Amboy.  Exterior in good shape. Would
be a nice display piece. Please save from the scrap metal recycler.  Price:
??? (more than scrap)

Rare circa 1939 Neptune Red Seal gas pump -- $800 (reasonable offers considered)
Purchased used by my family and used from early ‘60s into the ‘90s; ran fine during that time.  Stored after that.  Have original (?) nozzle and the automatic one (on it with filter).  Never had a globe on it while we owned it but has place for it on top.  Has 2 Lead signs for sides too.
Call: 360-247-5975 (Amboy) (leave message) or email Rick for the cook stoves and gas pump

Mott flail mower, kinda rare, Clinton engine, If I remember right it ran 30 yrs ago.

Fort Vancouver Antique

Equipment Association

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Lawncraft, cycle bar, push mower. Mow your lawn the hard way. $80.00

All steel wheelbarrow, still useable, make a great planter.
$60.00Type your paragraph here.


Circa 1940 Montag Duchess White Porcelain Wood Cookstove (below) was in our family for several generations and used on the family farm up in Amboy.  Has some issues, but I believe all parts are there.  With a little help it would be a great display piece of the era.  Pretty heavy! Please save it from the metal recycler!  Price:???? (more that scrap)

Wards Speedex two speed, 5hp Busy bee engine, good tires.
preformed well when last used, 25 yrs ago.

Bolens Power hoe, single speed. Was restored and running great 30 yrs ago.