Circa 1940 Montag Duchess White Porcelain Wood Cookstove (below) was in our family for several generations and used on the family farm up in Amboy.  Has some issues, but I believe all parts are there.  With a little help it would be a great display piece of the era.  Pretty heavy! Please save it from the metal recycler!  Price:???? (more that scrap)

Bolens Power hoe, single speed. Was restored and running great 30 yrs ago.

All steel wheelbarrow, still useable, make a great planter.
$60.00Type your paragraph here.

This was my grandparents on their farm in Amboy.  Exterior in good shape. Would
be a nice display piece. Please save from the scrap metal recycler.  Price:
??? (more than scrap)

For all of Wayne Arbour's items above, contact Wayne, or The Webguy at

Rare circa 1939 Neptune Red Seal gas pump -- $800 (reasonable offers considered)
Purchased used by my family and used from early ‘60s into the ‘90s; ran fine during that time.  Stored after that.  Have original (?) nozzle and the automatic one (on it with filter).  Never had a globe on it while we owned it but has place for it on top.  Has 2 Lead signs for sides too.
Call: 360-247-5975 (Amboy) (leave message) or email Rick for the cook stoves and gas pump

Mott flail mower, kinda rare, Clinton engine, If I remember right it ran 30 yrs ago.

Lawncraft, cycle bar, push mower. Mow your lawn the hard way. $80.00

For Sale
John Deere Model BO.
Complete. Good rubber, electric start, not running but engine is not stuck. Battery box rusted, rust on one fender. Asking $1,200 OBO.
​email or text to360-609-3063 located in Ridgefield, Washington State.

Wards Speedex two speed, 5hp Busy bee engine, good tires.
preformed well when last used, 25 yrs ago.


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