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The meeting was called to order at 1:10pm by Lynda Barner. The pledge of Allegiance was led by Tom Kinkel.  Lynda read the Treasurers report. The October minutes were read and accepted by motion from Tom, and seconded by Lynda. Motion passed. Dean Bloemke gave the group a report on the Veterans Day Parade. Our club received a ribbon, and certification of participation. There was some discussion on reorganizing the display case to give us more room. There was a proposal read by Lynda to satisfy both EDGETA, and FVAEA bylaws. The proposal would essentially elect Lynda Barner for the positions of President, Treasurer, Membership Director, and Director position #1, and elect Bill Lee to the positions of Vice president, Secretary, Safety Officer, Editor, and Director position #2. In turn, they would abstain from voting on issues before the club, and in the case of club officers and board of directors making decisions per FVAEA bylaws, refer the question to the membership for vote, and instructing (in the motion) to direct the officers to act. Bud Cronin would remain as outgoing President to remain as Director position #3. Tom made a motion to change back to monthly meetings at the pavilion. Seconded by Jeni Coons. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned, 3:25pm

Minutes taken by Ina Jefferies, transcribed by Bill Lee 

    The meeting was called to order in the pavilion at 2:00 PM by Lynda Barner.  Alan kirsch was announced as a new member, and said he has a John Deere 530 tractor.  The pledge of allegiance was then recited.  A motion was made and seconded to adopt the September 24th minutes as read. Passed.  Bill lee gave a report on the apple tree festival in October.  Wayne Arbour gave a report on the play day for the Steam Fiends at the iron ranch. Dean Bloemke, in charge of the Veterans day parade told of a new route for the parade and an 11:00 AM start time. The announcement stage will be the same area as it has been at Evergreen Blvd.  This time the route will go south on C street and end at providence academy.  Bill lee will put all the information on the website.  Martin will take the club float from the iron ranch down two behind Harney school.  Dean will pick it up at that point with his tractor and take it to our club staging area. Jim made a motion to have Dean be our Clark County Fair Board representative. Bob seconded the motion, Dean accepted the position, and it was passed unanimously.  Dean said the Clark County Fair Board wanted to try and display something about the fact that the Clark County Fair has been running for 150 years. The walk on the wild side exhibit will probably be gone in 2018 and possibly the sand castle will be back.  At EDGETA Don Young oversees safety, and Carrie Joe Parmley registration and membership.  The club officer elections will be held in December.  Nominations for club officers will be in the November meeting.  The offices will be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, safety officer, membership, and at least 2 directors.  Officers and directors must be paid up members. Meeting adjourned 3:35pm

Minutes taken by Sharon Kersting, transcribed by Bill Lee


TIME: 2:53pm   BY: Lynda Barner              PLACE: Pavilion, Schurman Iron Ranch 23100 NE 10th Ave., Ridgefield, Washington 98642
OLD BUSINESS SEC REPORT/TRES REPORT: Secretary report accepted.

MOTION:   Bill Lee, Elect Lynda Barner to preside over the meeting in the absence of the Club President, Bud Cronin, and Vice President Lester Schurman.  Seconded, passed unanimously.
ELECTIONS:  Elections were held. Ballot: President; Lynda Barner, V President: Bill Lee, Secretary; Bill Lee, Treasurer; Lynda Barner, Membership Director; Lynda Barner, Safety Officer; Bill Lee, Editor; Bill Lee.  The votes were tallied. 18 ballots cast for the nominees, 1 against. With the new officers taking over immediately following the vote.
            The bylaws were discussed at length by the group. MOTION: Tom Klinkel, Return to 12 meetings per year as past practice. Seconded, passed, unanimously. The 2018 website event calendar was passed around the group for revision.
Hazel Dell Parade, Hockinson Parade, Woodland Planters Day Parade, Ridgefield Parade, Amboy Territorial Days Parade, Kalama Fair Parade, Camas Parade, Battleground Harvest Days Parade, Iron Ranch Playday, LaCenter Twilight Parade, Clark County Fair, Bizi Pumpkin Patch, Old Apple Tree Festival, Veterans Day Parade. MOTION: Ina Jefferies, Give our Secretary, Bill Lee her Kodak printer for club use. Seconded, passed. Wayne Arbour offered 2 reams of paper to the Secretary for club use. Mel offered 1 ream of paper to the Secretary for club use. The group discussed enlarging the award cabinet. A member suggested we buy coffee, napkins, bowls, plates, cups, sugar, creamer.
Dean gave a report to the group from Port Commissioner Joe Melroy:
The Commissioner inquired about our club participating in Ridgefield’s Hometown Celebration on the first Saturday in December 4th of July, the Octoberfest, 2nd Saturday in October, and the Bird fest & Bluegrass the 1st Saturday in October. This would be a Community Service Project for our club. We would provide tractors to pull trailers. We would also need one conductor per trailer. Our club individuals would be insured by the City of Ridgefield. End of Report.Our next meeting will be on 28JAN18, at 1:00 pm in the pavilion.

MOTION: Meeting adjourned 3:45pm