FVAEA March minutes

6:45  meeting called to order  by president Richard Marini

*several guest in attendance

Pat lehner 

Dennis Ranglan

Family from Canada 

^February Meeting Minutes

Posted online by Mel 

No hard copies for meeting review 

*Treasurers Report

$1,037 in dues have been collected

$612 to EDGTA

$425 net

*Bank account still in works

pending Secretary of State paperwork

* No new business

*New Business

Hazel Dell Parade, May 18, 10:30 am, Staging on Hazel Dell Ave across from fire station

Hodkinson Fun Days parade June 1, 12pm staging at the High School

Heritage Fair discussion 

It will be hosted by FVAEA

A fence will be built around Alan's house and property and should not conflict with the event

Richard will talk with Dianna and Marcella soon to find out more schematics of the event

Fair will still go on even with a small budget and a small group of volunteers

Richard called for a motion to approve expense for Port-a-potty's for the Heritage Fair 2- regular, 1 handicap and Alan's to be serviced motioned by Bill Shurman seconded by Ina Jeffries motion passed

* Clark County Fair Discussion

volunteers needed Black smith supported by Don Kemper and Brian Campbell

Rope makers and corn grinders are available  discussion on cost of corn at $1000


Mel and Martin have keys to the fair

Need new key to mail box Wayne Arbor made motion -Joe Jefferies seconded it -motion passed

motion amend By Joe Jefferies - seconded by Brian Campbell to include lock/key -motion passed

Richard will arrange to have mail forwarded to Treasure's address in the meantime until the situation is resolved. Shonda ask that dues or donations be brought to the meeting because her mail box is not secured

*April meeting to be at Chrome Industrial Repair same as March meeting 6pm dinner (bring own chairs)

*Alan's auction Discussion

John Marini to bid on several items If club wants them let him know so he don't bid them up

Many projects will be up for auction, please try to keep the tractors and equipment in Clark County

2 sections of the auction, 1st large items, 2nd for smaller / and bundled Items

*Heritage Fair discussion Revisited 

Flyers for fair circulating

Jeanie Arbor to send out updated flyers to vendors

*Raffle results Mel and Ellen Won Hats

* Miscellaneous Discussion

Wayne Arbor brought 2001 Heritage Fair buttons for anyone to have

Merchandise missing, may be in women's bathroom Wayne to check

* Motion to adjourn made by Brian Campbell, 2nd by Ina Jefferies- Passed- Adjourned at 7:31

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