Toledo Threshing Bee

26 August 2017



The 1954 Super M-TA,

"In August of 2015, I was talking with an acquaintance, and former customer, at the Great Oregon Steam Up in Brooks, Oregon about Farmall tractors.  He said, "I have a SMTA, been in the shed for 20+ years."  I asked, "What are your plans for it and would you sell it?"  It was for sale, we agreed on a price, and the game was on.  This was a case of ran when parked which I am sure was true.  When I happened on it the engine was stuck and all four tires were flat along with a few other things of course.  My cousin, who helped me move it said he would have ran.  All of the components, except for the transmission, were disassembled and repaired as needed.  The transmission was not disassembled because the oil that was drained was clean and no water.  It turned out the transmission was very quiet and functioned as it should have.  After nearly two years the project was completed.  Everything on the tractor is functional as it was intended to be.  The tractor attended it’s first show at Brooks Steam Up this year, 2017.  I invited the previous owner to drive it in its first parade at Brooks and he accepted.  

It was a pleasing sight."


Jollies Tractor Cruise-in 19 August 2017

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Image by The Webguy

Attendees had the pleasure to see this beautiful tractor at Jollies Tractor Cruise-in this year, and at the Toledo Threshing Bee in Washington State last weekend. This is one very limited production tractor, and the quality of Dennis's work is evident from the photos. A big thanks to Dennis, for submitting his narrative and great pictures so everyone can enjoy this beautiful tractor. -ed

Image by The Webguy

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Dennis Kytola


They were developed in the 1950's. We probably  all had one in the 1960's. It went on vacations and short trips with us. They make them today, but not like this. They had their own special name, and when they went away, we never missed them at all. 

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